What is the
spirits super tax?

Spirits in Australia are more expensive than they should be because we have one of the highest spirits taxes in the world – the spirits super tax.

The spirits super tax increases every six months, increasing costs, discouraging investment in innovation, growth and local job creation – and ultimately costing spirit drinkers more for the drinks they love.

What is the spirit's super tax
A tax on spirits drinkers

Why is it a big deal?

The spirits super tax is inflating prices, quashing innovation, squeezing margins and limiting the industry’s growth potential. Without a competitive tax rate the spirits industry is being held back from achieving its full potential both at home and abroad.

Some of the best spirits in the world are produced right here in Australia, and with more distilleries located here than in Scotland, we have all the right ingredients for a vibrant local industry. We just need Canberra to give us a show of support.


The Australian spirits tax is one of the highest in the world – and continues to rise every 6 months. Only Iceland and Norway have higher taxes.

How does the tax compare

Current AUD Excise rate per litre alcohol

How does the tax affect the spirits industry?

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How can you support?

Step 1. Sign the Petition Sign The Petition. Show your spirit by signing the petition to Freeze the Spirits Super Tax. Sign Now
Step 2. Show Your Support Show Your Support. Spread the word by downloading our free resources. Resources
Step 3. Contact your local MP Contact your local MP. Tell your MP that you want their support to Freeze the Spirits Super Tax. Find your MP