Canberra’s tax on spirit drinkers.

One of the great Aussie inventions, along with the hills hoist, the black box flight recorder and the esky, is the premixed spirit (or RTD).

Like most great innovation premixed spirits are based on a simple challenge. How can I enjoy my favourite spirit in a convenient way when I am making the most of the great Australian lifestyle? Let someone else do the mix for me and provide me with a convenient packaged product that is easy to chill and take with me wherever I go.

But while Australia has traditionally prided itself on being a nation of equals, Canberra continues to discriminate against spirit drinkers. The tax on spirits increases every six months without fail – since 2008 this tax has increased 21 times. We pay 70% more tax on our premixed drinks than our kiwi cousins. While spirits drinkers consume only 20% of all alcohol consumed in Australia they pay 50% of Australia’s alcohol tax bill.

At a time when the issue of inequality is hotting up as a political issue Spirits & Cocktails Australia will continue to highlight the ridiculous taxation system that results in three mates at a BBQ drinking cans of cider, beer and premixed spirits being respectively taxed 20c, 49c and $1.08 per standard drink. Just crazy.